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Elana Miro SS’10 – Plus Size Lizzie Miller

Elana Miro

Lizzie Miller is back again and this time show casing her talent for Elana Miro the Italian plus-sized designer. This is breaking news that Mark Fast wasn’t the only one to feature the plus-sized or should I quote ‘normal’ models on the catwalk! Wow – the fashion industry is starting to move into the correct hemisphere!

I think the main difference between Miro and Fast’s collections is that Miro’s was made with the larger ‘normal’ figure in mind! There were beautiful, classic pieces made for a size 12 women – showing off her curves! Fewer unsupportive, uber-tight mini-dresses made a less fright and more delight show and one which proved you can look equally as good as a size 0 if you wear the right things.

Elana Miro SS'10

At the end of a day whatever size you may be, as long as you dress for you’re shape you will always look great. A size 6 is never going to be able to look as good in some clothes as a 12 or 14 and vice-versa!

Elana Miro

All in all Lizzie Miller, and her cohorts such as Crystal Renn, make us normal girls proud – they look great, walked well and generally showed that you don’t have to be a waif to look good in next seasons fashion!


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Mark Fast – Plus Size Models

Mark Fast SS'10

Totally controversial – that was the runway at Mark Fast’s Spring/Summer 2010 show this September. The stylist and creative designer walked out hours before and the fashion possy um’d and ah’d about whether Fast’s decision was the right one!

The introduction of larger models onto the catwalk, well that’s a debatable phenomenon when it comes down to the fashion industry and they’re ‘ideal’ of perfection. I’m pretty sure it gave some front row stars heart palpitations but it also gave Fast a great marketing initiative.

Mark Fast Runway

Ok I’m not 100% sure, how much I love the look of these uber mini, extremely tight and altogether not too support dresses on the size 12 models – but great marketing idea from Fast. To the majority, lucky enough to sit outside of the treacherous fashion circle, Mark Fast was a name they’d probably never heard of and let alone associate with fashion. But after his parade of ‘normal’ models down the runway, whether you think it’s right or not, Fast received a LOT of publicity! Suddenly he was the talk of London Fashion Week and people from regular households knew that Mark Fast was a Canadian knitwear designer that used larger models in his SS’10 collection!

Daily Mail – Mark Fast SS’10

Bar the fact that Fast is now edging on a house-hold name, I still have to state that I don’t totally agree it was the right outfit to place the size 12 girls in. I’m totally up for introducing larger sized models onto the catwalk – that’s my whole aim. But I personally would never put a girl larger than an 8 in one of these dresses, let alone without supportive underwear. Come-on we all know a real women (aka the ‘plus sized’ models) have boobs, a bum and thighs and well outright shouldn’t be dressed in a tight, knitted mini-dress without underwear!

Mark Fast Runway

There’s a fine line between bringing the larger models into the shows for brand awareness and for changing the industry. I personally wouldn’t go out and buy one of Fast’s dresses, because it just isn’t the best item I could wear – and that pretty much says it all. The larger models could have looked great and better in some clothes than the 0’s – because that’s what suits they’re body shape. Putting a larger model in a outfit made for a size 0 doesn’t constitute change – if you ask me it’s about marketing the brand and yes that did work. I just hope that not too many ‘normal’ sized women will brave the elements and purchase one of these dresses on the back of the show – or at least if they do they have the decency to wear supportive underwear so the rest of us can keep our eyes open!

Mark Fast Runway

What do you think about the Fast girls? The size 12’s the size 0’s, who looks better in the dresses?

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SHOWstudio’s Nick Knight agrees…

Alexander McQueen - Transformer

After attending the SHOWstudio – Fashion Revolution exhibition in London’s Somerset House, which is open daily from the 17 – 20 September. I highly recommend a visit if you’re in the London area and fancy a different take on regular fashion photography. Check out the website first if you’re not sure: Show Studio

I found an article in The Times newspaper that confirmed Knight’s view of the fashion industry as racist, ageist and sizeist! Finally someone that agrees and is trying to change the industry, from as Knight puts it ‘within’.

Knight states ‘I’ve always found the fashion industry to be extremely racist, to the point that I don’t know how they get away with it. When I first started I couldn’t believe what I was hearing: “We can’t have a black model – they’re not aspirational”. You can’t say that!’

He also believes the industry to be ageist, ‘Only people in their teens were being photographed – if you were older than 21 you didn’t have a look in.’ As well as sizeist, ‘Issues as simple as the fact that nobody was photographing women who looked like my wife.’

To me he seems like a fashion genius – one of a kind! For someone this devoted to the industry to actually disagree with their views and try to make a change, that is something special.

Above picture: Alexander McQueen: Transformer The Bridegroom Striped Bare, 2002
Below picture: Fashion Film

SHOWstudio - Fashion Film

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Lizzie Miller for US Glamour Magazine

Lizzie Miller - Glamour Magazine

Oh my god… the industry is starting to change!!! Those were the words that echoed in my head on the day I opened the newspaper to find, a tiny picture of Lizzie Miller nude and looking totally delightful!

It has taken years for this turn around to start commencing and dear me it’s been long over due! Finally the wait is no longer.. well it’s the start, I’m pretty sure we’ll have another good few years of the 0 federation until the industry finally gets the jist that no-one actually wants to look at an unhealthy waif. We want a broader range of models introduced, models that represent the general population, there will be some size 6 & 8’s but also 12’s, 16’s etc. and all of which need to be healthy!

Lizzie is a start though, and even though she took pride place as a 3in square on page 184 of US Glamour magazine, she started a buzz that showed all the industries that focus on ‘perfection’ that it’s normal and above all human to have a little roll of fat around your middle!

I really hope the fashion world looks up and finally starts to introduce more Lizzie’s into the world! We all need that little lift, even if it’s a cheeky shot on page 184! It’s still hope, hope that we’re normal and beautiful and above all that you don’t have to be a size 0 to have fun and be happy!!

US Glamour Magazine

Lizzie Miller - Glamour Magazine

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