Lizzie Miller for US Glamour Magazine

Lizzie Miller - Glamour Magazine

Oh my god… the industry is starting to change!!! Those were the words that echoed in my head on the day I opened the newspaper to find, a tiny picture of Lizzie Miller nude and looking totally delightful!

It has taken years for this turn around to start commencing and dear me it’s been long over due! Finally the wait is no longer.. well it’s the start, I’m pretty sure we’ll have another good few years of the 0 federation until the industry finally gets the jist that no-one actually wants to look at an unhealthy waif. We want a broader range of models introduced, models that represent the general population, there will be some size 6 & 8’s but also 12’s, 16’s etc. and all of which need to be healthy!

Lizzie is a start though, and even though she took pride place as a 3in square on page 184 of US Glamour magazine, she started a buzz that showed all the industries that focus on ‘perfection’ that it’s normal and above all human to have a little roll of fat around your middle!

I really hope the fashion world looks up and finally starts to introduce more Lizzie’s into the world! We all need that little lift, even if it’s a cheeky shot on page 184! It’s still hope, hope that we’re normal and beautiful and above all that you don’t have to be a size 0 to have fun and be happy!!

US Glamour Magazine

Lizzie Miller - Glamour Magazine


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