SHOWstudio’s Nick Knight agrees…

Alexander McQueen - Transformer

After attending the SHOWstudio – Fashion Revolution exhibition in London’s Somerset House, which is open daily from the 17 – 20 September. I highly recommend a visit if you’re in the London area and fancy a different take on regular fashion photography. Check out the website first if you’re not sure: Show Studio

I found an article in The Times newspaper that confirmed Knight’s view of the fashion industry as racist, ageist and sizeist! Finally someone that agrees and is trying to change the industry, from as Knight puts it ‘within’.

Knight states ‘I’ve always found the fashion industry to be extremely racist, to the point that I don’t know how they get away with it. When I first started I couldn’t believe what I was hearing: “We can’t have a black model – they’re not aspirational”. You can’t say that!’

He also believes the industry to be ageist, ‘Only people in their teens were being photographed – if you were older than 21 you didn’t have a look in.’ As well as sizeist, ‘Issues as simple as the fact that nobody was photographing women who looked like my wife.’

To me he seems like a fashion genius – one of a kind! For someone this devoted to the industry to actually disagree with their views and try to make a change, that is something special.

Above picture: Alexander McQueen: Transformer The Bridegroom Striped Bare, 2002
Below picture: Fashion Film

SHOWstudio - Fashion Film


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