Curvaceous Role Models

Victoria Beckham

We all know there is a problem with the majority of celebs becoming extremely thin, model wannabes that batter the general population through yet another channel – that the ‘ideal’ of perfection is a size 0. Blah, blah, blah…

I’m officially fed up with it, and it’s when you open you’re eyes and realise that actually the likes of Victoria Beckham, Keira Knightley (ok she is beautiful – but rather unhealthy looking at times), Kate Bosworth, Lindsey Lohan and Nicole Richie (in her old days) – don’t look that great! But nether the less we’re up-most brainwashed into thinking they do, spite when they go an inch too far and then get slated by the magazines because now they’re too thin! I really feel for them, they can’t get it right can they, if they put on weight they’re fat and if they loose it the magazines self-righteously diagnose them with an eating disorder free of charge! Wow – cheap trip to the therapist!

Nicole Richie - skinny

There must be a LOT of pressure being that visible in the public eye and I just don’t get how as females we can put each other down so much. What happened to supporting your sisters!!! It doesn’t just happen with celebs, the majority of people are like it walking down the street. Somehow you feel a tinsy bit ecstatic when you see someone walking down the road not looking so dandy, and positively glowing when you see a celeb in Heat Magazine with cellulite! Oh my god they’re a human!

Why can’t we just be pleased when a female stranger walks into a club looking great? I say lets ditch the jealousy and group together – be proud and pleased for others!


Anyway back on the point of call, I thought I’d look at few role models for all the curvaceous women out there. Beyonce, now she really is a stunner – yes she’s not the ‘ideal’ portrayed everywhere but she always looks great and ok you do hear about her so called ‘crash dieting’ occurances but she’s a women – I’m sure she has as many hang-ups as the rest of us!


Other fellow celeb on the same band-wagon is dear old J.Lo and her famous bum! She’s got a massive booty and just like Beyonce, wears clothes that accentuate her assets – stands confident and proud and well that does all the talking! At the end of the day they obviously both eat, do exercise, are healthy and isn’t that what it’s all about!!



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