Filippa Hamilton for Ralph Lauren

Fillipa Hamiton for Ralph Lauren

Another hit on the size issue in the fashion industry. Opening The Times newspaper this morning we are faced with the newest ‘size debate’!

Did model Filippa Hamilton get sacked from Ralph Lauren for being overweight and secondly is she overweight in the first place? Sorry but am I the only person that looks at the retouched image and thinks; are the consumers aliens? – because no woman I know would be attracted to that kind of advertising. ‘If you wear these Ralph Lauren clothes and buy into our brand you would look like this’ – a.k.a. someone on the brink of life with a waist the size of their head and arms like matchsticks. Sorry but that just doesn’t appeal!

This is one of the many cases on the model size-issue that is the current state of the fashion industry, and in my opinion has to change!

Filippa looks 150% better in the fashion show image (un-retouched), she actually looks like a human being and a woman. If, as the story goes Lauren sacked her for not fitting into the sample sizes – what fools they are, as personally I believe they’ve let a healthy, beautiful model go. I just hope this is a benefit to Hamilton’s future career – good luck to her!

Link to the Article, 15/09/09


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One response to “Filippa Hamilton for Ralph Lauren

  1. In 2004 I got a call from a friend at Polo Ralph Lauren. They wanted to bring their thousands of Macs from OS 9 to OS X. A project was spun up and I was hired along with an Apple Systems Engineer. It took a year to get the environment cleaned up (AD, LDAP, Exchange, switches, etc.), and another year to get the computers upgraded and managed. The company didn’t want to buy Casper, convinced Altiris could do it all, and that AD/OD golden triangle was the answer to everything. What a farce, but I rode it out for two years, 2004-2006, before moving on to another company for another project.

    Looking back I don’t regret picking my battles. Letting the Polo Ralph Lauren project manager micromanage some areas, like handing off some critical management tools to Wintel teams. But more than anything, I got a chance to mingle with some of the artists and designers, including Ralph’s family members who ran some of the groups. They had some awesome talent, and an incredibly rigid vetting process for designs, patterns, colors, etc.

    I bumped in to Ralph Lauren (one time physically!), and he was always the nicest person. Ralph’s famous saying was “Perception is reality”, which is ironic for a 5’6″ Jewish guy who was born Ralph Lifshitz. He was always cool with me, and everyone who worked for him.

    That photo was not supposed to be released. It was, and it became a huge publicity nightmare for Polo Ralph Lauren.

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