‘Plus sized’ – is it a fad?

What I really want to know, is how can the fashion industry classify a size 12 ‘plus sized’?

The average size for people in the UK is a 14 – 16, so I really don’t understand how a 12 is therefore a plus size!! Yes the average size is larger than it used to be 50 years and even 10 years ago, but we are getting bigger as a nation. For example, the average height has increased from 5ft 2in in 1950 to 5ft 4in in 2004, so it’s no wonder that people are growing in other areas too.

BBC – ‘Not-so-little-Britain’

I think the main issue is that our shape is also changing, an average women in 1950 would have had measurements of 37 – 27.5 – 39, whereas a 2004 female would be a 38 – 38 – 40.5. So as you can see we’re no longer a curvy, hourglass shaped nation – is this down to the fact we’re evolving, getting taller, larger etc. Or are external influences of hormones to blame – alongside the fact we probably eat a lot more than we did then.

But whatever the answer is, at the end of the day we’re changing shape as a society not individuals – it is an average after all, and surely this means the fashion industry and other media counterparts should look to appeal to the masses – last time I checked this is the average!

Plus Sized - US Glamour

What are your thoughts on plus sized models?

Here is a plus sized model from US Glamour magazine. If you ask me she looks great; healthy, curvy, beautiful and above all normal!

US Glamour Magazine

I’m not suggesting that plus sized is the only way – no sir! I just think it’s necessary that the industry evokes a broader range of models – showcasing reality. At the end of the day the population includes people of all sizes, be it a size 6 or a size 20, and each have their own hang-ups and problems with their bodies! We don’t need more pressure from the media and fashion industries too!


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