Role Models – 03/11/09

Here are two girls opinions on the ‘size debate’ in the fashion industry, and it shows that even smaller girls shouldn’t be discounted – as they have opinions and feelings too! P.S check out the style tips for juicy info (there’s even tips for you thinner girls out there!!) We’re not excluding anyone in this blog…

Image 2

This girl commented on how although she’s thin, she still has to think about what she wears and what will look best on her. I love the printed skirt and detailed patches on the shoulders – these are all great tricks to draw attend to her best features, ok, I’m not saying her shoulders are her best feature!! But as she suggested her self in the video – if you have a small bust it’s great to add detailing else-wear, attracting attention to other areas!

The colours are great on her skin tone – even the pink skirt seems to flash up and shimmer in her cheeks – healthy and happy I say! Oh… and I had to include the below photo – just to show that she may be slim, but it’s natural and she’s healthy and still has FUN!!

Image 1


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