Role Models – 31/10/09

On my first scout about town, I found 4 girls – who had 4 totally different looks and were 4 completely different shapes and sizes – just like general society. And you know what, they all looked great!!

Image 3

I think this girl is absolutely fab, she’s wearing a really casual, shopping in town outfit which looks effortless, yet stylish and above all really suits her. The colourings of the top and blue scarf look great on her complexion; she has this beautiful healthy glow about her, and the colour coordination is down to a T with the black and brown ensemble!

The large-print long-length top is really sliming and the contrast of the brown boots on black leggings draw your eye to the shoes and the fact that they’re so carefully matched with the bag! Overall, lovely!

Image 2

My second stylish lady has gone for a different look – more of a smarter, crisp image, but it’s really great. I really love the top with the great detailing around the neck, it’s absolutely perfect if you’re someone that can’t pull of a high neck (e.g. someone with larger breasts or a shorter neck). The top really opens up and neck area and shows her great figure, whilst keeping the look up to date with all the detailing. The waisted skirt combo draws attention to her waist and creates a beautiful, hourglass shaped figure – totally stunning!

The colours are great as well; by having a navy or washed out black as the top (rather than pure black) – the colour is soft against her lighter skin and is really complementary!

Image 3

What I love about this girl is her total style, she has a great look going on. The hair, make-up and clothes all follow the same look she’s after. I love the sliming of the black head-to-toe but what really makes the outfit is the off the shoulder top/dress, especially because she has got so much long gorgeous hair. Having a black high-necked item could be too much with her hair down, so by showing off her shoulders she breaks up the colours. Overall – she is totally on trend and not a size 0, so it shows that anyone can be fashionable and look amazing no matter what size!!

Image 2

The thing that struck me about this girl was her hair… it is truly amazing – I absolutely LOVE the colour of it! The colour really suits her pale complexion and the style (pulled in at the back) looks great on her face shape and allows her to wear a polo neck.

She isn’t wackiest dresser but I don’t think you need to be – especially with hair her colour. She toned the fashion follower down to do a casual, comfortable, weekend look with just a jumper and jeans – and well the hair does all the talking!!


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